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TownController allows municipalities of all sizes to streamline applications, permits, meetings, and inspections.

Municipal Software Solution TownController

Web-based municipal software

Sharenology’s TownController™ software acts as a central database for municipalities to manage, track, automate and report on applications and permits, board meetings, building inspections and related activities. All your application form data (in municipal form/format) can be saved as PDFs and securely backed-up to your choice of storage locations, your existing server through FTP or various cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive and more. Municipalities can access and download their data on demand — providing anywhere and anytime access to your data.

TownController supports New York State applications/projects related to a property Tax ID and address. TownController streamlines operations related to the application process, pre-meeting planning, managing meeting agendas, executing meetings, reporting and publishing meeting minutes, and the building department inspection process. TownController lets municipalities put an end to time-consuming manual processes typically involved with managing planning and zoning board meetings. In addition, it provides project by project presentation material to enhance the meeting experience for the board members and public attendees.

It simplifies work methods associated with department, consultant and staff reviews, approvals and permit issuance processes from initial application to certificate of occupancy. TownController standardizes workflows allowing building departments to manage and record inspections quickly while minimizing the need to carry records into the field.

Benefits of TownController include

  • It’s your process simplified – TownController uses your forms to automate the system, it streamlines and simplifies application/project processes and information exchange
  • You are in control of your data – All application form data (in municipal form/format) can be saved as PDFs and securely backed-up
  • Potential cost savings realized by municipalities throughout the application and permit process can be significant
  • Simplifies and automates application reviews and permit issuance processes; from application to certificate of occupancy and beyond
  • Provides a concise view of all project information, reviews, conditions of permits, and inspections
  • Significantly reduces paper consumption and plan review cycles
  • Web-based, no software to install and maintain
  • Provides ongoing archiving by Tax ID and address with the ability to add past history
  • All your data is in one central location – no more digging through boxes in storage areas for application and permit information
  • Provides opportunity to upload previous property history data such as permits and applications
  • Streamlines communication and information exchange, and provides anywhere, anytime access
  • Fees for applications can be collected online by credit card or check
  • Form Writer allows municipalities to view applications in your existing forms and formats
  • Public access to each project is controlled by the municipality
  • Monitor project progress in real time, anywhere, anytime
  • Less chance of missed reviews or lost information with automated notifications and centralized record keeping
  • Easy-to-use applicant self-serve portal provides simplified application process
  • Existing applicant information auto populates profile on system forms
  • TownController has 256-Bit encryption level security similar to bank level security and sits on dependable nationally recognized servers in the cloud

Watch a short 3 minute video and learn how TownController works!

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How TownController works

TownController’s access portal is a dynamic webpage accessible within an existing municipality website. RPS data is utilized by TownController, which accommodates both Tax ID and street address. The municipality has complete control of what information gets displayed for public viewing within the TownController access portal.

All permit applications, project plans, reports, and relevant application information is submitted via the portal. TownController provides applicants with access to the current status of applications submitted, amendment and inspection requests, correspondence and documentation associated with their application.

After a permit application is submitted, TownController invites the applicant to upload drawing files to the review department securely over the Internet. Application fees can be processed online with funds being deposited into the municipality bank account.

Once in TownController, all review department personnel that need to work on approving the plans are notified and the digital review process begins. Important documents are never lost, misplaced or delayed. All project information is kept in one location, and each review department can interact with it anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connected device.

TownController makes it easy for review personnel to work together with the applicant during the process. TownController provides the applicant with convenient self-service access when inquiring about the review status of their application or when checking on updates.

If the application requires board approval, the applicant is notified of his or her board meeting date and time; the applicant uploads to the system their board presentation material, the town has the ability to accept or reject uploaded documents.

The board meeting agenda, schedule, meeting minutes and project specific meeting minutes are readily available and managed within the TownController system. The general public has access to the approved published meeting minutes (and files, videos, etc.,) via the access portal on the municipality website.

TownController system includes

Application Manager

The Application Manager is the core module of the software. The system manages site development, zoning variances, building and municipal reviews and applications. The Application Manager can manage various project application workflows. The application process can be performed by the applicant from most home or office computers with Internet access.

Data Manager

Import Real Property System (RPS) data, tracks detailed property information by Tax ID. It stores time stamped historical property information such as: approvals, variances, permits, certificate of occupancy, special use permits, email correspondence, and plans.

Public Access Portal

TownController is accessed from the municipality’s website via a custom landing page that resembles the municipality branding (look & feel). The municipality has complete control over what is displayed and made available from the public access portal. Residents and contractors can access property information simply by entering an address or Tax ID. Giving users access to:

  • Town meeting schedules
  • Approved town meeting minutes
  • Zoning maps & codes
  • Application forms – applications can be completed and submit online with corresponding supporting documentation
  • Manage application and correspondence between applicant and municipal staff

Meeting Scheduler & Meeting Minute Manager

Meeting Minutes can be entered real-time in TownController and are time stamped. Upon appropriate approvals, Meeting Minutes can be posted to the public-facing access portal.

APP, Payment Processing, & Form Writer

  • Building Department: Android app includes a building permit scanning system to manage reviews and inspections, per project.
  • Payment Processing: Accepting application fees online never got easier. TownController leverages the secure online payment service of WePay allowing municipalities to processes MC, Visa, Discover, and Checks all within the TownController user interface.
  • Form Writer: The form writer digitizes internal and public facing application forms. Electronic forms in the system can also be converted back to paper form.

Ease-of-Use + Mobility

The free Android app for subscribers provides easy access to project information. Observations can be documented along with corresponding images. The app can track and document fixed assets, including images with GPS coordinates (must be enabled on phone). Our iOS app is COMING SOON!

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