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About Sharenology

How it all began

Like many software ideas, it started with a problem.

Sharenology how it all beganIn 2010, one of the largest national grocery chains in US found their grocery chains rapid growth and expansion demanded a better way to collaborate, share documents and manage the design and construction process – the grocery chain turned to their national architect and the company now known as Sharenology™ for help. Gaining transparency and accountability throughout a project from design to delivery is critical in today’s dynamic architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) environment. The teams initial attempts at an out of the box file sharing platform provided them with no opportunity to properly manage users, set up routine activities such as bidding projects, bidding addendums, RFI’s (request for information), CCD’s (construction change directive) and it lacked security for sharing sensitive files and documents. Sharenology not only addressed these needs with its web-based software solution Sharenology Projects, it also gave them a platform that has saved money, was easy-to-use, and it provided the grocery chain with the flexibility to meet their growing business needs. The partnership with the grocery chains national architect APD Engineering and Architecture and Sharenology provided the creative solutions to this complex process.

About us

Sharenology’s technology streamlines and simplifies business processes. We provide highly reliable, stable, and secure cloud services. Sharenology offers web-based software and development, secure network and document management solutions. We offer outsourced software product development and application development services.

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