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Construction Project Management Software

Sharenology Projects is designed for architects, engineers, and construction project teams.

Construction Project Management Software Solution Sharenology Projects

quote markI use this Sharenology Projects every day and it saves me a lot of time on project delivery. Bidding is made a lot easier because I don’t have to remember who to send RFI’s responses to, the automated portion of the website sends out a notice to all bidding contractors. At the end of the bidding phase, all contractors lose their access, I don’t have to remember to go back and do anything. And when a GC is awarded, all I have to do is click a button and the Bidding Contractor, becomes the Awarded Contractor and has full access to the project again.

Sharenology Projects testimonial from APD

With the Addenda tools, RFI tools, Construction Change Directive tools, Internal Email tools, Scheduling and Project Announcement tools, this program allows me to manage my construction administration in one place, keep the entire project team updated from Client to Vendor supplying products, and all other members in between in one easy convenient place. I would recommend Sharenology Projects to any Architect doing Project Construction Management.

− John Wallington, Senior Architect, APD Engineering & Architecture, PLLC

Real-time visibility

Sharenology™ Projects allows project teams to collaborate, securely share files, and manage the design and construction process. It allows for collaboration, document management, and electronic bidding using a web-based platform that can be securely accessed based on the users project role. Sharenology Projects provides a single historical record of:

  • What’s been sent
  • What’s been received
  • What updates have been made
  • What’s been approved

Contractors can have digital access to files such as RFIs (requests for information), RFCs (requests for comments), submittals, and change orders during the design and construction process, all with remote access. Sharenology Projects eliminates the effect of groups working in isolation by maintaining a central repository where current files can be accessed by everyone contributing to the project. By using this system you can reduce expenses associated with the time, resources, and printing of multiple project documents. Project teams can perform remote uploads to get information into the hands of those who need it quickly, including field reports with photos or videos, RFI’s and other project changes or details.

Simple, secure file sharing

Sharenology Projects allows you to track and manage projects from the concept stage all the way through archiving, operations and maintenance. It was designed to centralize all projects so they can be accessed, edited, and completed in one convenient location. The system puts control of a project in a project manager’s hands; they can access and control the files, users, and settings. Sharenology Projects allows you to stay fully informed across your organization, no matter where your projects may take you. If you have Internet access, you have Sharenology Projects at your fingertips.

Project collaboration 24/7

Construction Project Management Collaboration Software blueprints

Sharenology Projects automates bidding and construction processes, and communications so that you will never have to worry about forwarding emails or losing contact information again– reminders, notifications of updates and requests for information all flow automatically to the necessary project team members. With secure and reliable access, you can feel safe that Sharenology will keep your data safe and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By centralizing data and communications, Sharenology Projects helps projects progress faster and allows you to manage dozens of projects with ease. Saving you time and money, Sharenology Projects is an indispensable tool in construction project management, file sharing, record keeping and collaboration.

Benefits include

  • Improves productivity and collaboration
  • Increases project accountability
  • Eliminates the need to print costly bid and construction packages
  • Provides an audit trail of each projects progress
  • Significantly reduces the abundance of paper and the difficulty associated with managing paper
  • Entitlement tracking at your fingertips
  • Best practices are repeatable
  • Connectivity – everyone is working with up-to-date information
  • Available on demand, in the office, or in the field
  • Integrates into existing workflows and practices
  • Flexible – as you grow, it grows with you
  • Replaces paper bidding with online bidding and file sharing
  • Project files and data never get lost and are always available at your fingertips
  • Monitor project progress in real time, anywhere, anytime
  • Role-based security – restricted access to full access, controlled by your assigned administrator
  • Project history is accessible from concept to operation; chronologically keeps site visits with corresponding photos
  • Simple-to-use and intuitive software system that accommodates unlimited team members
  • Web-based, no software to install and maintain
  • Records and projects are accessible, backed up and protected; provides the ability to backup to your local drive/system
  • Frees up hours and dollars to go to the bottom line
99% of Sharenology Projects customers renew their software subscription year-over-year (YOY)
Project Management made easy – We use Sharenology Projects to manage a very dynamic client with multiple projects. The software allows all members of our project team to store and access information at any time. The automated RFI, Addendum, and CCD processes have improved our efficiency immensely.
Daniel Sargent, Senior Architect

Watch a short 3 minute overview video on Projects!

Sharenology Projects capabilities

Project Management

  • Manage and markup change orders, field observation reports, and other documents online
  • Project visits can be recorded from concept through construction
  • Track projects with ease
  • Project information is available at your fingertips anywhere, anytime


  • Provides an overview of the current status of your projects
  • Alerts, notices, and important project messages are displayed and shared with design project team members
  • Highlights overdue items
  • Clearly calls out what crucial issues need to be addressed immediately

Project Timeline

  • Task Chart – Displays the authority type, task, run dates, resources assigned to that task, notes, corresponding documents, and dependencies. The task start and finish dates are provided, plus the percentage complete for each unique task
  • Gantt Chart – At a glance, visually displays charts illustrating the project schedule, including start and finish dates and the critical  tasks to meet deadlines

File Sharing and Document Management

  • Central repository for project files
  • Share large project files with one person, or a hundred
  • Provides audit trail of shared documents, design files, photographs, videos, and emails
  • Field and mobile users remotely access files onsite and upload field reports


  • Streamlines communication and enhances collaboration between all project stakeholders throughout each phase of the construction project
  • Share, track, and control documents and communications throughout the life of each project

Electronic Bid Management

  • Post construction bid packages (public or private construction bids)
  • Manage the entire construction bidding process from one central online location
  • Eliminates the need to print costly bid packages

Admin Controls & User Permissions

  • The project administrators have complete control over each and every project
    • Offers robust user permissions and control settings
    • Control project access and information displayed per project and per user

Workflow — Sharenology Projects meets the unique needs of your business and can be tailored to the way you do business.

Geographic Image Locator — Capture images with a GPS enabled camera, mobile device, or tablet. Upload the time stamped photos and the system will automatically display aerial images from Bing and Google, showing the building and location on the ground where and when the photo was taken. Capture what the project site looked like prior to construction. Store all construction site photos in one central location for quick access and viewing.

Ease-of-Use + Mobility — The Sharenology Projects user interface is intuitive, user friendly, and easy-to-use. The system is fully mobile web capable on any Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc. Available with an Android app, users can access their Sharenology account from anywhere on the go accessing: project status, reminders, documents, and contacts right from your phone. The Android app includes an integrated messaging feature which allows you to send out emails to all the users on your projects and distribution groups. Our iOS app is COMING SOON!

Operation and Equipment Maintenance Tracking — Track civil engineering and building architecture equipment for sites, buildings, and off-site projects including equipment type, maintenance schedules, missing equipment, and any required inspections.




Sharenology Projects Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)