Construction Project Management App for Android

Sharenology Announces New Construction Project Management App for Android

VICTOR, NY, NOVEMBER 20, 2014 — Sharenology LLC., a leading provider of web-based construction project management software, announces the release of Sharenology Projects construction project management app for Android, the new app was developed for use with Sharenology Projects, an online construction project management software solution for architects, engineers, and construction firms, and the owners they serve.

Serving as the next generation of Sharenology mobile solution, the Sharenology Projects Mobile app not only includes all of the tools available in the current version, which is browser based, but now has greater functionality and an improved user interface that takes full advantage of Android capabilities. This new version was completely rebuilt on the Android platform and tailored for in the field and jobsite functions. The features of the Sharenology Projects Mobile for Android app include:

  • Send Individual and Group Emails
  • Respond to RFIs
  • Submit New RFIs
  • Approve / Reject CCDs
  • View / Update Project Reminders
  • View CCD Details and Documents
  • View RFI Details and Documents
  • View User Information
  • View Contact Groups
  • View and Download Files
  • View Plans and Reports
  • View Observation Logs
  • View Observation Photos
  • View Observation Maps
  • View Site Maps
  • View Observation Documents
  • View Observation Documents Comments
  • Receive and Customize Push Notifications
  • Update Login Credentials and Personal Profile
  • Contact Technical Support

“Construction professionals require mobility from the office to the jobsite and smartphones and tablets provide them with convenient, on-the- go computing ability, no matter where the construction project takes them,” explains Sharenology President, Steve Cleason. “With the release of the Sharenology Projects Mobile Android app, project team members can achieve real-time project management by enjoying the feature rich capabilities of our construction project management software on their Android devices.”

construction project management app for androidThe Sharenology Projects Mobile app for Android is free to subscribers of Sharenology Projects and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

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